Love: The Vehicle.

What drives us? Is it motivation? Is it happiness? Is it love? I would say the ignition is to the vehicle is “Passion” but ultimately the vehicle is “Love”. There are many angles that got me to this conclusion. Ultimately, I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for love. Yes, I am referring to parents and their intimacy; even though not every child spawns from something as directly correlated, the child not spawned from loving parents is brought into this world because of love.

Once someone is born, love motivates the parental units to keep the family alive. Even the individual’s love keeps him/her alive. The love of interaction and the happiness from the attention or even the warmth that love provides. 

The vehicle of life is Love. Without it, what quality of life does someone live? If you want a job that suites you, find what you love to do and find how it can pay you. If you wish to achieve something, find a way to make it a love of yours. Love what you do.


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