Pain of Mind

Isn’t it awesome strong the human mind is? Also how weak it can be or make someone? Think about it, have you ever had such a migraine or headache that you ultimately can’t function. Movement becomes overloading, thinking becomes overwhelming, or blinking becomes temporary relief.  I find it intriguing, how ONE thought can shape a … More Pain of Mind

Love: The Vehicle.

What drives us? Is it motivation? Is it happiness? Is it love? I would say the ignition is to the vehicle is “Passion” but ultimately the vehicle is “Love”. There are many angles that got me to this conclusion. Ultimately, I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for love. Yes, I am referring to … More Love: The Vehicle.

Growing Pain

There was a time when I believed growing pain was just what they called it when a child grew into adolescence. I feel like that was even what my schools had taught me. Little did I know, growing pain was for life. Is there a doctor in the house? Cause I could use one. All … More Growing Pain